This section shows you the biggest changes of media attention related to startups in the categories of Incubators, VC’s, Tech Companies and Tech Trends over the last month.


An incubator is an organization that is specialized in helping startups to grow by providing services (e.g. management training, space, IT) and funding.


Venture Capitalists

VC’s are specialized in providing capital to early-stage, high-potential, growth startup companies in order to earn money by owning equity in the startups and stimulating the growth of the startups.


Tech Giants

Tech Giants are large existing technology oriented organizations that aim to acquire startups in order to buy technology, talent and/or intellectual property to develop their own portfolio.


Tech trends

The technology trends that are currently being developed by startups and tech giants and are also reported in the news.



This section provides an overview of the top 10 Incubators, VC’s, Tech Companies and Tech Trends that have generated the most amount of media attention related to startups.


LIVE Sectors Compared:
General vs. Startup vs. Deals

Find out in this section in which sector the startup news is dominating the news compared to general sector news. For instance, if the startup bar is higher than the general bar this means there is a lot of startup activity compared to other sectors. The deals bar gives an indication of the amount of news around deals in a specific sector related to startups.


VC's & Technology trends

Learn which technology trends are currently reported in the news as a result of VC activity. Click on an intersection of tech trend and VC to see related news.

Less BuzzingMore Buzzing

Startup Buzz per Sector

An overview of the startup activity per sector in the media


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